Dharm Eva Hato Hanti




These motivational framed posters will inspire you and the people around you with energy and excitement. A collection of positive framed posters for modern wall decor, will give you a feeling of enthusiasm and provide a kick-start for the day. Extremely purposeful, the stylish framed posters are multi-use home and office decoration items that can also be used in offices, dorms, study rooms, classrooms and corridors as well as shops and cafes. These wall framed posters decorate your home and instantly brighten the day and boost your motivation.

They are digitally printed in High Resolution Format on Glossy finish paper for longevity. These frames are light but firm,have plastic cover instead of glass,when they fall to the ground you won’t worry about hurting the kids. They are ready to hang on the wall, come with a preinstalled hook and can be hung horizontally or vertically.

Size Available : 12 X 16 Inches and 13 X 19 inches