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PRAYER – M. K. Gandhi

I believe that prayer is the very soul and essence of religion, and, therefore, prayer must be the very core of the life of man, for no man can live without religion.” – M. K. Gandhi Prayer brings together Gandhi’s most important writings on spiritual practice and his relationship with God. Compiled from five decades of letters, articles and books, it opens with an exploration of the meaning of prayer, which addresses the concerns of readers of every faith. The second section describes methods of prayer. Here Gandhi presents ideas that were to revitalize Indian religious traditions, ideas that are readily applicable to western experience. He discusses not only forms of prayer, but also the abuses of institutions that compelled him to forge his own spiritual path. The third section explores the power of Ramanama, the continual repetition of God’s name, which Gandhi regarded as a supreme form of prayer. Prayer concludes with a moving account of Gandhi’s assassination and the role played by prayer in his final moments.