The Immortal Characters of Mahabharat by Raj Shah


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The Immortal Characters of Mahabharat Edited by Faren
Author: Raj Shah


Bhishma is the first of the main characters in the story of Mahabharata. He was the son of Ganga and King Shantanu. He was named Devavrat was he was born.Due to an unfortunate event his mother left him and his father at his birth. When he grew up, he showed great intelligence, strength and ruling abilities. His father fell in love with a fisherwoman and wanted to marry her. She refused saying that it would be Bhishma, and not her children who would inherit the throne. Bhishma said he would be happy to give it up for her. She was, however, worried about his children who would fight for their rights. At this time, Bhishma took a noble vow to never marry, thereby ending the threat anyone in his family would pose. This is when Devavrat was named Bhishma, or the one who has made a terrible vow. In this manner, Bhishma always led the kingdom of Hastinapur, but never ascended the throne.

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Raj has written several articles on wide variety of subjects like, Hinduism, Indian culture, Hindu wedding and Indian Festivals. He has also written two books titled, Chronology Of Hinduism – Documenting the History of the World’s Oldest Religion and Understanding HinduismThe Basic Facts about Hinduism and Frequently Asked Questions. He has also written a few Children’s books, Holi Hai, The Complete Ramayana in 100 Tweets and Welcome to my beautiful Mandir.

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